SN = Sun
SS = Semi Shade
SH = Shade

1= Normal Soil
2 = Moist & Well Drained
3 = Moist

OM after name =
Add organic matter to soil

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Rockery & Alpine Perennials

acanthus dioscoridis perringii

Price: £4.35

a rare compact acanthus flowering usually in early summer on stiff spikes.Pink flowers coming from green bracts

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acanthus syriacus

Price: £4.25

large very spiny leaves. showy flowers heads of deep purple and white

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soldanella alpina

Price: £2.35

the snow bells need organic rich but sharply drained soil and have pendant flowers fringed and cut to half along petals. If planted in the sun need some mid day shade. This one bluish violet in early spring

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soldanella villosa

Price: £2.35

violet early spring and perhaps easier to grow

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