When do you send out mail order?

We send out mail order throughout the year (dependant on availability), however some orders placed in late autumn may need to be held until the spring when new stock is ready

How do I know where each plant likes to grow?

By each plant on the list is a planting code which tells you whether the plant  likes sun or shade, moist , dry or well- drained soil. If the plant requires anything more specific it will be mentioned in the description. Plants with OM after their name require the addition of organic matter.

How are the plants packed?

The plants are packed in their pots (although we can send simply with the rootballs wrapped in newspaper), and are padded out with newspaper around the pots and on top. They are packed in sealed cardboard boxes. We do our best to ensure that the growth is as protected as possible, however later in the season longer stems may need to be cut back.

What pot sizes are the plants in?

Most of our plants are in one and a half litre pots. However this may vary with the plants requirements – with alpines mainly in one litre pots and some plants in larger pots

How do we send out the parcels?

The parcels are sent by next day courier (Fedex). We will call you to make sure the delivery is convenient  and to find out if parcels can be left safely if you are going to be out.

Why can’t  I pay by card on the website?

The website is a catalogue of all the plants that we produce, and because of our small scale is not linked to a stock system. Therefore we like to check availability before taking card details, which we will telephone you for when discussing delivery. You can also pay by Paypal at the checkout.

How long will it take for the plants to be sent out?

Please allow on average ten days before plants are sent out, dependant on availability. We can fast track orders if necessary – please call us to arrange this.


Please call us if you would like advice on a plant, combining plants or ideas for specific areas of your garden.