SN = Sun
SS = Semi Shade
SH = Shade

1= Normal Soil
2 = Moist & Well Drained
3 = Moist

OM after name =
Add organic matter to soil

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Athyrium nipponicum Ocean’s Fury

Price: £4.50

A very striking new variety with very cristate ends to the fronds which also have a twist. The leaves are also silvered. A strong grower

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blechnum chilense

Price: £8.95

evergreen fern from the southern hemisphere. Well formed large pinnate leathery dark green fronds from spreading clumps. Majestic. Requires a moist and sheltered spot to thrive and also acid soil

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onoclea sensibilis

Price: £3.50

deciduous pale green fern with elegant well shaped fronds divided into neat pinnae. Will spread and form good sized clump

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